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ROG OC Showdown 2016 - Formula Series is back

Level 10
If you enjoyed ROG OC Showdown 2015 Formula your going to like even more the 2016 edition!


Separate in two rounds, Round1 will starts on 26th August and will run till 26th September. Round 2 will starts on 28th October and ends on 28th November.

The big news for this 2016 edition is that the overall ranking (sum of points for Round 1 and Round 2) will have the exclusivity to win the next-generation motherboard!

Yeah you heard it well! So make sure to not miss one of the two rounds, in order to get the maximum chances of winning one of the three motherboards.


In addition, each round will have a top3 prizes as well plus some lucky draw among all participants.

In term of benchmarks, the first round will have three stages:
1. XTU
2. GPUPI 1B - for CPU
3. HWBOT x265

So get your rig ready and start training!

Go and visit the competition page or dedicated article for more information.
And don't forget, Keep pushing it !

Level 7
Yeah, hope can get good result. I will try

I'm going to clear off my workbench when I get home and see if I can make the list. I don't have the hardware selection of some of the competitors, but hopefully we can make a good showing regardless.

Level 14
Very nice but unless I am wrong I can't enter I as I am in the apprentice league

Menthol wrote:
Very nice but unless I am wrong I can't enter I as I am in the apprentice league

For the formula it's limited to Rookie, Novice and Enthusiast.

However have a look at the RealBench Challenge. This one is open to all leagues, but limited to air and water cooling.

Have a look at the forum thread:!

For the Top 3 overall, 3 next-gen motherboard will be up to grab 🙂 By next gen we mean... 7th generation Intel CPU compatible 😄
And don't forget, Keep pushing it !

Level 7
Cant wait to start to benching 🙂

Level 13
Awesome guy's
This is what ASUS and ROG is all about. Giving back to the community with there challenges and give a ways.
Thank You for your hard work and support.
I will be watching this one from the sidelines.
Good luck everyone

Level 10
The first bonus points have been awarded yesterday. The Top10 of the ranking have received 1 point each. Here is the list of the lucky one:


Another bonus point will be awarded on September 14th for the Top10 of the ranking.
And don't forget, Keep pushing it !

Level 10
The winners of the first Round has been announced:
And don't forget, Keep pushing it !

Level 10
Second Round is now started! You have until November 28th to post out your scores.

Three stages will be part of this second round:
Stage 1 - XTU
Stage 2 - Reference clock
Stage 3 - Y-cruncher 1B limited to 6 cores (Hyper threading allowed)


In term of prizes the Top 3 will receive prizes as well as an additional underdog prize for the lowest score among the 3 stages.


So try your chance, and submit your score to the three stages.

More info to the news article!
And don't forget, Keep pushing it !