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So i suppose thanks ASUS? What the hell is this new Intel stock limit rubbish? You turned my 14900KS into a 13900K.  

We are now running under Intel published limits. Highlights from what i can see:

Watts down from 320, to 253.

AMPS down from 400 to 280.

Voltage seems to be roughly the same.

There has to be a balance between being safe and providing SOME performance. This ain't it guys.


Photos from HWinfo, PC sat in windows for 5 hours with performance power plan on. Where's the 6ghz? I suppose the temps are nice 😂



Super Moderator

Hi @BannedAirship,
Unless you're experiencing stability issues with other optimised presets or default configuration, there's no need to use Intel's Baseline profile for behaviour.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Level 8


Hi, this with Intel Baseline Profile 🙂 I think it's running normal as it should be..

I don't know what you exactly did, but I think my results on 14900KF outperforming your 14900KS.

I only ran the intel baseline profile and set the limits. that's all..

Hey boys

I pretended I didn’t know what I was doing and Simply loaded the bios. XMP on, turned off MCE. 

The average person is not going to change PL1 and PL2 back to 320 watts and increase the amps to 400 or whatever. Also it seems some other voltages have to set to a failsafe which as I read actually increases voltage to the chip over the previous BIOS?

This is clearly a knee jerk reaction to people running unlocked and frying their chips. Funny this is this gimped Intel power mode isn't even the default setting, it’s all still unlocked. So are they even saving the average guy thinking he’s protecting his chip?

In my case the MCE off on the previous BIOS was absolutely fine, this should just be the option preselected and we wouldn’t have to mess around.

It’s all backward, just have the standard intel limits for each chip as the preselected option. If the user goes unlocked that’s fine and I suppose on them?

@BannedAirship wrote:

This is clearly a knee jerk reaction to people running unlocked and frying their chips.

Can you elaborate on why you think this is?

What's stopping you simply running MCE and setting SVID behaviour to Typical if you want more performance and aren't experiencing problems that some users samples are?


13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Hi Mod


Intel Limits reduced from PL1 PL2 of 320 watts and Amps from 400, to PL1 PL2 253 and Amps down to 280! Not to forget the other voltage that is now set at base line (worse case) which actually adds more voltage than is needed at this gimped profile too. But it's sort of silly anyway as the mode out of the box is still Auto (let bios decide) which is unlocked. I always set mine to Intel Limits, Intel have cleared the 14900KS to run at 320 watts and 400 Amps. This is what it should be out of the box no? The stability issues are clearly coming from the unlocked out of the box pre-sets, not the actual intel approved limits?

You seem to be at odds with yourself. What’s your definition of more voltage than is needed? Needed for what?

The profile has a specific function - it’s not compulsory.

What makes you think the “average user” will be concerned with raising the amperage limit back?

These are valid questions that need to be explained to understand your viewpoint.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Not really, just challenging a silly decision by a corp. SVID Behaviour, is now at Intel's fail safe. This is force stability which has increased voltage.  

The profile kind of is. You select it and you get this base line limit, which is not what the 14900KS was built and tested around. Hence the poor performance. Where's the option to use the Intel power limits which the chip is supposed to have, set by Intel? Well, in the previous BIOS. An amp limit of 280 is just silly, when Intel's recommendation is 306 (K's KF's etc) to 400 (KS and Overclockers etc).

The average user who even selects this will be like, where's the performance i paid for? 5.9ghz? I'm only getting 5.2?


Which corp? Why is it silly if it circumvents a problem? As above, the preset isn’t compulsory - so it mitigates what you’re saying.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

It's Silly because it isn't needed and not to forget clear. What is needed is Intel Limits as the preselected option out of the box, not auto/unlimited. As it's pretty obvious that unlimited power is causing these stability issues. The average guy or girl is just going to through the CPU in or in the case of a prebuilt just turn it on and think all is ok. When in actual fact its more than likely in Auto Mode, which is unlocked power. This is more than likely the cause of the issue.

Auto should not be unlimited (MCE on)too, that could be the baseline if that's what's deemed as safe.

Power options in the case of the 14900KS could/should be, 1) (Auto) Intel Base Line Profile, 2) Intel Performance Power Delivery Profile PL1 PL2 = 253 Watts and 307 Amps, 3) Intel Extreme Power Delivery Profile PL1 PL2 = 320 and 400 Amps. 4) MCE on, Unlimited or whatever Asus decides to do to go nuts? 

You have an Apex, load the new bios and test it for yourself. I'm sure your opinion will change.