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ROG G750JX Product Design Flaw

Level 7
My ROG G750JX has a weird problem and I'm hoping someone can shed some light on it since I'm going
through the 2nd RMA right now. The illuminated ROG logo on the lid is causing a shield-shaped halo of light
to burn into my screen... smack in the middle. It's obviously the same shape as the ROD shield logo, and can
only be seen clearly at an angle. I sent the laptop in to be repaired but when I got it back, the same thing
started happening with the replacement screen. ASUS doesn't want to give me a replacement, even though
it totally appears to be a product design flaw.

Here are a few photos I took and enhanced in Photoshop for clarity:




If anyone else in the community has had this strange problem or know why they don't replace
flawed product designs please reply.


Level 14
I used to have an MSI GX660R gaming notebook where the glowing LED bar opposite the screen caused similar distortions. After ignoring it for months, this distortion "burned in" to the display panel and became very obvious even from normal viewing angles. A little bit less of an issue on my old model, since it was a wide horizontal bar near the bottom of the screen, not a hand-sized shape smack in the middle.

An EE I know suggested internally covering the LED bar (and all the power traces leading to it) within a grounded conductive shield - aluminum foil, metallized mylar, foil-tape, a proper metal "RF shield", etc. I never actually tried this and can't promise it would do anything, but it seems workable and shouldn't cause any thermal issues (LEDs just don't get very hot, lol). Agreed, if the fix is so easy, then it should really be part of the factory design.

Do you have the option of turning the logo LED(s) off? And, if so, does it make any difference?
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Hey, thanks for the reply.

No, there's no option to turn it off in the BIOS, which sucks.
I looked for that right away.

I'm RMA'ing the thing tomorrow for repairs.
If they send it back with the same issue, I guess I'll just have to try to fix it myself.

Thanks for the tip on insulating it... I'll have to do that if ASUS doesn't figure out how to fix it.

Hi all-

Thought I'd share the nightmare that this RMA has turned into as warning to others.

I bought a ROG G750JX in January of last year (2014) and had to immediately return it for a new one. Never found out what was wrong with that one. I got a refund, ordered a new one and waited patiently for my replacement.

Then, appx. 11 months later this laptop developed the burned-in ROG shield as shown above.
They allowed an RMA and sent it back to me with a new screen installed... this took over a month.

But the same thing began to happen again... the ROG shield was burning into my screen.
I RMA'd this one and asked that they disable the logo's light or whatever they needed to do to this time to fix this serious design flaw.

Then I waited for several weeks to here word but never got an email with a tracking number or any kind of clue as to what was going on. So I was a bit surprised when I checked the status of repairs at the ASUS website and it said the repairs had been completed and the laptop had been shipped out a month prior. I think they might've just sent me another replacement, but I'm not sure... because they sent the thing to the wrong damned address.

After 3 attempts at the wrong address FedEx stopped trying to deliver it.

So I checked FedEx's tracking number from my service records at ASUS and called the closest FedEx office. The laptop had already sat there too long so they sent me out to the distribution center at the airport to try to get it.

When I got to the distribution center, FedEx said that the package had sat at their facility for two weeks so they'd sent it to their overstock facility in Tennessee.

I drove home pissed off and contacted ASUS demanding they get my laptop to me immediately.

After going back & forth with one of their guys (Carter Xu), I was told they would see what they could do about getting it returned to me, and tried to wave any fault off on their end of course. I had even gone through the trouble of updating all of my account info so nothing would go wrong... I seriously need my laptop back. The thing's been in the shop or lost in transit for a total of something like 4 months now since I bought it 18 months ago.

To add a little context, I'm a military vet' and am in school for digital art right now... and because I bought the laptop as a requirement for my classes, this whole process has been an absolute nightmare and has directly affected my progress towards my degree.

This whole thing just sucks because I really can't afford to buy a new laptop right now.
And I guess being a big, wealthy corporation, ASUS can totally afford to just ignore me.
I'd clearly have no chance approaching them in the legal arena... so I'm not sure what I can do other than soak-up the $1500 burn and move on.

Just a heads up to my gaming bro's & sis's...


10 month-old gl551jm I use for my production business now has the LCD shield logo burn, As well as a collection of nicks and tiny scratches in that area for whatever reason. At least its not much of a downgrade from the god-awful screen the laptop came with.