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ROG Front Base - Fan Control Issues

Level 7
So I installed my ROG Front Base last night in a Cooler master HAF X with a Maximus VI Formula.

With the fan control set in UEFI BIOS as Auto, it seems to report the correct RPM of the fans, but it doesn't control them (3-pin fans). So I changed that BIOS setting to Advanced and now I can seem to control the fan speed - it reports the RPMs correctly in CPUID's HWMonitor. However, the ROG Front Base stays static in it's report of 400 RPM's on all three case fans.

I'm obviously changing the fan speed, and the motherboard knows the correct speed since it's reporting correctly in HWMonitor, so how come the RFB can control the fan speed but not report it correctly?

Very strange.


Level 7
I have the exactly the same problem. Funny thing is when I uninstall the FrontBase drivers the RPM seems to work again but I can't enter the EDIT mode on it.