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ROG branded SLI connector

Level 10

Is there Anyway to get an ROG branded SLI connector? I really, really like this connector. And it suit's my Obsidian Carnage Build better then the brown one.

Greetings! Cyg

GOR52 wrote:
Myk SilentShadow wrote:
You guys are in luck!!! because bundled with the new Maximus Gene V Mobo, ASUS it seems has been listening to your requests and the bridges now come as RoG standard!!! so if you don't buy the board, you can at least find out the part numbers and get yourselves one, three or however many you desire lol :cool:QUOTE]

Black and White Bridges. What about RED?

Well, unfortunately I am not a part of ASUS in any way shape or form. You can only hope they might make one...or, you can try the contact us pages for ASUS and see if you can email them your suggestion 🙂

Oh and by the way guys

SLI Bridge Cable:

4 Way SLI Bridge:

Strangely new bridge for 3 way SLI 😕

nothing else needs

Level 11
Good. Since they start to make black flex SLI , I guess they gone extend it to all their ROG product. The yellow gold one was far to much distractive in the case.

I know what I'm buying in may!
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looks bad i have only one card..time for a second matrix 580..just to use the bridge 😛