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I have been searching for a Overckocking Guide Just For The R3E. I'm on the BOT under MaddMutt. I have a i7 920 and I'm stuck @ 215 FSB. I should not be reading overclocing
advice from someone who does not have my board

Level 14
Not sure who you are talking to but here are a couple links, you probably already have seen these but here they are any way***Asus-Rampage-III-Extreme-Owners-Thread*...

I thank you kind SIR. I had a major heart attack 7 months ago and if I don't tag a site, I'll forget where I read the information.

Level 12
I have followed some of these tips and observed I get my highest scores by leaving everything as is, example: load windows , hwinfo and realbench and leave everything else alone, score 277,676
Same again but stop unnecessary tasks, set rb to realtime and close explorer.exe, score 254,446
So I get lower scores by closing other processes?
I need to figure out what’s happening here, I agree it should boost my score, any ideas?*

Level 13
Did you monitor temperatures and clock rates during the lower score run? All CPUs have temperature throttling and power limits, and the high core count i9s are especially sensitive. Removing extra load and setting realtime priority might get the CPU working hard enough to be that last straw. If you see high temperatures -- 80 - 100C -- that's likely the cause of throttling. An unexplained drop in clock rate and core voltage may be due to a power limit.

Level 12
Thanks for that Jab383, will do runs again and observe, I do remember temps were in the 80s but not anywhere near 100.

Level 8
What would cause large variations in the Encoding score? On a few runs I've had 250-260K for Encoding but today's was 176K.