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Restarts on cold boot (X99-PRO/U3.1)

Level 7
Hey guys,

Running into a bit of an odd problem on a new build. Specs:

X99-Pro/USB 3.1
32GB Patriot Viper 4 2800
Samsung 950 Pro M2 SSD
beQuiet Dark Power Pro 11 850W PSU

Everything is at stock settings. Latest BIOS revision.

I've left off the graphics cards because the issue occurs even when they aren't connected.

Whenever I cold boot, the system restarts before the POST display shows. It then boots up again (by itself) and functions as normal. I've run into this problem across several different PRO/U3.1 boards, and I'm now using a new PSU, too (though the one I sent back - for an unrelated problem - was the same model).

I think I've narrowed down the cause of the reboots to the M2 SSD. If I remove the drive, the system POSTS first time: put it back in again, and it restarts before POSTing. What I don't know is why! The drive works perfectly otherwise.

Any ideas why this is happening? Has anyone got a fix?

Thanks for any help.