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Remove ROG splash screen from boot sequence

Level 7
I searched the forum and couldn't find an answer on this.

I'm one of those OCD types that likes to know what my PC is doing during POST. I also like to be prompted "press this key to enter setup" so I know which key and when to press it if I want to get into my BIOS.

That being said, is there any way to get rid of the ROG splash screen on a G75VW? I purchased it in February of 2013. It came loaded with Windows 8 (not sure if that helps identify which BIOS this thing would be running).

I did find a few posts saying that there is an option to disable the ROG screen in BIOS, but I haven't found it. Perhaps the option existed in previous versions, but mine doesn't have it. I'm thinking it may take some form of skullduggery to get rid of that thing.

Any suggestions?

Hi nahaloth, Welcome to the ROG community, You should have posted this in the notebook section but, I think I can help you with this. Press the windows logo key + R, this will bring up the little "run" page. Type in msconfig and hit enter, click on the boot tab and check the box that says No GUI boot. Click apply and restart your computer. Is this what you wanted?

Level 10
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Level 18
This is in you 'bios' under 'boot'. .c.

Level 7

I couldn't find any way to disable Post logo of Asus anywhere in Bios even with my very old G53JW. It is ridiculous.


Level 8

On my system, I believe it's listed as Boot Logo, close to an option for the POST screen timeout. Actually what I find annoying is that this setting is not saved with the user profile, it always has to be reset manually after a BIOS update.

Other than that, check to see if there is a MyLogo tool available to change the logo (for newer ones it's in AI Suite 3).