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reasons not to use ausus maximus auto overclocking 5ghz profiles ?

Level 7
hey guys, this will be my first overclock. I have the i7700k with the asus maximum apex ix. id like to just use the auto overclocking feature to 5.ghz becuse obviusly this will be super easy but people on toms hardware for an unrelated post had mentioned that those profiles will use high voltage. is this really all that bad ??? voltage is what I probably understand the least.

Level 12
One of the keys to overclocking is using the lowest possible voltage for any given clock speed. Pre set OC profiles tend to hit the voltages pretty hard in order to work on a majority of CPUs. It is best to manual set your OC parameters, including voltage. You could always start with the preset to see if your chip is even capable of 5Ghz, If it is, you can always manually scale down voltages if possible.