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Really bad performance with 4770/H100i setup, any ideas?

Level 7
I recently upgraded my build to this system, and I've been having some big problems mimicing the results other users have had with these components. My build right now:

Maximus VI Hero
i7 4770k unlocked
Corsair h100i
4x2 GB RAM
EVGA 670 Grahpics card

I noticed right away that I wasn't getting super great OC, capped it at 44 GHz during testing and then I scaled it back to 4.2 for regular use. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be holding up. The CPU will run cool most of the time, around 35C, and then every so often I'll get these flash crashes where the computer will BSOD out of nowhere (usually when I'm starting it from sleep mode or running relatively low-impact games). When I turn the computer back on the CPU is always really hot, around 55 degrees or so despite having just restarted the machine. I've tried reducing the OC even further but I still seem to be having these problems, so for the time being I turned it off completely.

Has anyone encountered something like this? Any ideas as to what might be causing it?

Level 16
The idea to have the fans of the top mounted radiator as intake is to have the coldest air going through... for the those Corsair type rads you need to have the fans pushing through the radiator, so they have to be placed between the case's fan holes and radiator - pull setup won't work so good...

When you have an internally exhausting graphics card, then top intake will make a lot of difference... as a top exhaust setup, the heat from the graphics will heat the radiator... - you just need to figure out how to get rid of the heat from the graphics... in some cases, side exhaust can help...