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Really bad performance with 4770/H100i setup, any ideas?

Level 7
I recently upgraded my build to this system, and I've been having some big problems mimicing the results other users have had with these components. My build right now:

Maximus VI Hero
i7 4770k unlocked
Corsair h100i
4x2 GB RAM
EVGA 670 Grahpics card

I noticed right away that I wasn't getting super great OC, capped it at 44 GHz during testing and then I scaled it back to 4.2 for regular use. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be holding up. The CPU will run cool most of the time, around 35C, and then every so often I'll get these flash crashes where the computer will BSOD out of nowhere (usually when I'm starting it from sleep mode or running relatively low-impact games). When I turn the computer back on the CPU is always really hot, around 55 degrees or so despite having just restarted the machine. I've tried reducing the OC even further but I still seem to be having these problems, so for the time being I turned it off completely.

Has anyone encountered something like this? Any ideas as to what might be causing it?

Level 12
I'm not an expert in OCing yet, and certainly not for Intel chips; but, it sounds to me like it might be a memory issue and not the CPU.

Follow the instructions and if you get ANY errors, you're more likely having a RAM issue.


Level 7
Thanks, will do. The RAM is the oldest part of my machine (carried it over from my last build to save cash) so if that's the weakest link I'd be happy to replace it with some high end stuff.

Level 40
I would start there that one single kit or a couple of identical kits?

But the temp thing is a bit odd....I would watch that carefully, assuming the readings are good and not because of conflicting software, make sure the H100 is working properly...

Level 7
Two identical Corsair kits, but I've had them both for about 4 years now.

Reading temperature is a bit odd. Corsair link reports hotter than other software for the CPU, the AI suite readings are always low, and I also installed hardware monitor which gives me a third reading that's somewhere in between. I'm pretty lost when it comes to which one I should trust about the heat, but they all seem to agree that it's HOT in there after one of these crashes.

Not really sure how to make sure the H100i is working right, but yeah, it does sometimes seem like it's not working too well.

Level 14
runing more then 1 monitoring program is a no no.
it will crash whit each others and give you wrong readings.
even if you "end/close" down and run one program there will stil be some running in the background so plz remove 2 of the programs and run whit one.

Level 40
Yeah, kkn is right.....AI suite and corsair link don't really play nice with other programs installed that poll the sensors....

Best keep one of them or better uninstall both and use HW monitor 😮

Put your fingers on the pipes immediately next to the H100 pump block and see if one of the pipes is warm if it happens again....

Level 7
Thanks for the tip. I'd like to uninstall AI suite and Corsair link, but unfortunately I need some way to control the H100i fans (I have four of them that I'd like to have adjust their speed based on core temps) and the ability to adjust (tone down) my OC with AI suite is very handy because I run some older games that will run a CPU too hot even if they don't need the extra speed. Any advice on a program that can do that sort of stuff without messing up my monitoring?

I'll try feeling the heat pipes when I get home tonight to see if it's working.

Level 10
Uninstall AIsuite, and your problems will be gone.
Don't use AISuite. Ever.
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Antronman wrote:
Uninstall AIsuite, and your problems will be gone.
Don't use AISuite. Ever.

I can't use it. Conflicts with my BitDefender. Known issue too. I called BitDefender up and they told me Asus needs to fix it.
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