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Realbench v2 [Discussion Thread/Download Links]

Level 15
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A quick question been reading back a number of pages...

Anyhow I just realized there was a new realbench version (had been using 2.44) I downloaded it yesterday...and ran it.

I am assuming I cannot compare results from 2.44 and 2.54?

The encoding and the heavy multasking are now taking about twice as long as before and the OpenCL test, well it much higher. I was trying to see if these changes were intended? I am using the exact same system so same everything between the earlier version and the latest version. I am reading all this correct?

Level 16
I guess so... I just recently up?dated 2.54RC2 to 2.54... - unless I missed something...

Level 40
Hi TaijRai

Yep, that is correct...the formula for the scoring has changed so not really comparable to score from earlier versions...

Arne Saknussemm wrote:
Hi TaijRai

Yep, that is correct...the formula for the scoring has changed so not really comparable to score from earlier versions...

I got that but were the times it took run the encoding and heavy multitask also changed..I now am taking almost twice as long to run each those tests. IE encoding has gone from taking approx 60 seconds to around 115 seconds to run.

I am just wanting to make sure this is correct behavior? ( same exact system and same clocks) I can post screen shots for this if needed.

Level 40
No, that should not be the fact they should probably be finishing quicker if anything...though the open CL portion seems to take just as long as before...

Maybe extract a fresh download...

Level 8
Doesn't changing the formula make the leaderboard bogus?

rmongiovi wrote:
Doesn't changing the formula make the leaderboard bogus?

We are working on it. it's going to take some time as the leaderboard need to be handled manually if we want to remove submissions.

When RealBench will pass to v3, we are thinking to create another leaderboard for it. For now we are still at v.2.
And don't forget, Keep pushing it !

Level 16
It does - but they're working on it...

Level 13
Needing some help. RB v2.54 downloaded from leaderboard page.

R7 1700, C6H

- Win 7 I get error on launch, missing .dll, will get exact message, clean install of Win 7.

- Win 10 Creators Edition clean install from ISO, RB on 1st launch on a boot of rig is weirdly slow to launch, then takes ages to start benchmark. If set to say 3 loops it will do 1 of each test but on multitasking just seem to keep repeating over and over the video. Stress testing did not note an issue.

Is it my setup or RB v2.54 (downloaded 03/04/17) have issue with Ryzen? have RB dir in root of storage like past versions, shortcut set to run as admin.
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Level 12
I also had strange NVidia .dll issue with RB where it would start normally but then stop with .dll error. Only with Windows 10 Creator's update, not clean install. It was NVidia related .dll and required uninstall and reinstall of NVidia display driver.