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Realbench LuxMark-x64.exe stopped working

Level 7
When luxmark-x64.exe stops working can it be possible that my ram isn't stable? or this has something to do with GPU overclocks?
Although, I highly doubt it is GPU instability though since I passed Realbench 8hr stress with 1.4v DRAM Voltage. It is just that I am testing my ram because I believe it is faulty I keep on getting page fault/system PTE misuse BSOD when I power up my computer from a cold boot. G.Skill asked me to test at Bios optimized settings with XMP enabled and disabled. Well in this one I have XMP enabled. I just want to know if this LuxMark-x64 crash can also be caused by unstable ram.


In my case it was not a hardware issue, it was OS corruption and letting eVGA PrecisionX OC iCX start with WIndows. I disabled it temporarily after calling eVGA Tech Support about the issue.

I was able to successfully complete 10 loops of the benchmark and 1 hour of the stress test. I also installed Windows 7 because most of the system files and registry were toast.

Try your stability test with default Windows screensaver enabled, chances are you will get a failure.

But not to worry, It looks like it's a bug in RealBench 2.44, since the new RealBench 2.53b works perfectly and passes all tests and test scenarios I could give it.
Unless it is buggy and misses something that 2.44 detects.

Most people don't benchmark/stress test with the screensaver enabled just to see if it will crash the system on purpose. I just don't get it....Please don't take it the wrong way, but I just don't get it.

We are not benchmarking, we are stress testing, this is different, we are not looking for performance, we are looking for stability of results, that's what computers are good for, feed them data, get same results, no matter how or in what order you load it.

When you ned to bench and get top scores, you would disable everything possible to squeeze all the power you can to one task.

Level 9
With RB v 2.44 I was able to finish all the bench with my oc, but with 2.54b I am getting fail results with all bench, I know It can occurs with bad stability, but it runs ok with old version.

Most of the test have been updated, so they use the hardware harder. So if you were on the edge, chances are higher to fail.

Well, either way, I had to up the vcore to pass both the benchmark and stress test from 1.370v to 1.385v. Then I reinstalled Windows. Everything is

I just wanted to confirm that yes INDEED, screensaver & power-options resulted in a crash.

I reproduced this 3 times, exactly at minute 26 of the test.

So no, it is not the hardware 🙂

p.s. in windows 10