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realbench luxmark crash, please help, im near to madness

Level 7
hi all, i really don't know what to do now.
my conf is maximus x hero, 8700k, 16x2 gskil trident z 3200 cas 15.
yesterday i decided to experiment with the bclk frequencies.
i rised up the bclk from 100 to 102.
when i came to test realbench, luxmark crashes after few seconds, 4-5 second.
i rolled back my previous bios setting, 100 bclk with xmp profile. then i give another try to realbench to realize that still crash, always after few secods.
i tried everything, raised vcco a little, set vram at 1.36 instead of 1.35, i bring the frequency down to 2133... no way still crash luxmark after 4-5 seconds.
in panic i done a window diagnose tool, in case my ram was broken and it finished with no error.
i tried some other stress test, done some superPI blend and some superPI small fft, no errors, launched some cinebench, no crash, i also tried some gaming without issues.
i tried also, empiricaly, to launch 3 game at the same time, codww2, bf1 and titanfall2, to use as much ram i can.
i played for a wile 3 game together without crash.
what can i do now?
may have fryed my ram raising bclk by 2, it s impossible