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RealBench Forum League Table - v1.0

Level 15
Please provide a screenshot of your score below and I'll start a league table 🙂 We'll have an overall table to start with, then maybe splits for LGA1155/50, LGA2011 and AM3+ as well.

ROG Forum League Table
Score ----- User ----- CPU ----- Clock Speed ----- Memory Size/Speed ------ Motherboard

Top Ten Overall

Intel (4 Cores)

Intel (6+ Cores)


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Crimsonomega wrote:
Thnx guys for the replies and yes I will probably go a little higher as it appears that I got myself a nice chip apparently. What I wonder is, is the score based on processor/RAM/Mobo? Or does it includes GPU and Hard-drive aswell? If so then I can start working on OC'ing my gpu a little bit which I've never done so yeah I'm excited!
Don't spend much time to your GPU. Overclocking or not, it will help you very little. CPU frequency, RAM frequency and timmings, fast IOPS SSD, well stripped OS and system cash adjustments are the main factors you have to focus.

Level 10
Finally I get time for a good session...
Thanks to all for tips 'n tricks.
Ram disk and cache next things on list to try.

And an 800 club membership card please 🙂

847 -- underwater -- i7 3960x -- 5095 -- 16GB/2396 -- RIVE

Not certain of the exact RAM speed - 2396 seems about right.


Level 7
What would be a good goal for an AMD 8350?

Intel i7 4770kOC @ 4.6 / 1.25v - Maximus VI Extreme - 16gb Team Xtreem @2400
Gigabyte R9 290x Windforce OC
Intel i7 4670kOC @ 4.2 - ASUS Z97i Plus - 8gb Crucial Ballistix@1600
AMD FX8350OC @ 4.8 Ghz Stable - Crosshair V Formula-Z -8gb Crucial Ballistix @1600

megastarkey wrote:
What would be a good goal for an AMD 8350?

Based on my testing I can tell you that 700 is achievable with AMD.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

HiVizMan wrote:
Based on my testing I can tell you that 700 is achievable with AMD.

Seriously? damn I just smashed my way through 400, let's take this one step at a time eh? got a mild OC on my 1090T @ 3.515GHz at the moment lol, purrs along at 50 Deg C under RBench testing on all cores. I'm pretty impressed with my IC Diamond 24 TIM 😄

Nice score underwater!

Yeah Myk 4gb is lowish. You can compensate some with a bigger pagefile if processes hold reserved but unused memory (make sure the pagefile is at about 8gb) but yeah 8-16gb is the ideal RAM density.. Still those nice modules should be able to be tightened some with a bit of extra juice.

PSC refers to the RAM IC, that profile is made for modules with PSC IC and I believe all GSkill Pi DIMMs are such modules.

nikosa43: hehehe
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Level 12
So your score proved worthy :D. Congratulations underwater, I like people with a great sense of humor and I love jokes. It was a good one, but that kind, is better we use it when we know someone very well, in more closed circle.

Megastar - my sincere appology - I am sorry for silly joke.
Nikosa & any others who didn't see intended humor, sorry also.
Was meant to be joke but obviously didn't come over that way.
Respect to all here !!

Level 16
underwater, that's a really nice score! What kind of RAM kit you were using?

Regarding the jokes, please, be aware of that most of the people here are really sensitive about their gears... a thread like this one is a very very serious thing for most of us... - but we do have special threads for jokes too!

Zka17 wrote:
underwater, that's a really nice score! What kind of RAM kit you were using?

RAM kit is borrowed - my 64Gb kit was too top heavy and timings I couldn't get tight enough even with just 16Gb of it.

What I used for the 847 run/s is a G.Skill 2600 Mhz 16Gb Kit - F3-2600C10Q-16GTXD to be precise.
Have the RAM for 2 or 3 more days so might be able to improve upon last night's score.

Thanks guys !!