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Random shutdowns, OC 3.8GHz first boot, after restart 1.36GHz

Level 7
Hi everyone here, I have really bad scenario with my PC... As in title shown, I expecting random full shutdowns (no BSOD, almost in second display RGB keyboard and mouse going off only RGB strip/GPU lighting. CNt shutdown with power button holding almost 30 sec! Only PSU off works). These shutdowns is not stable after x hours, not in 100% CPU or GPU or RAM load, it's one time on YouTube, another playing light game like Warframe, another playing BF1. And it's maybe after x or xx hours of PC working without problem.
Prime95, IntelAVX burn, Futuremark benchs, Cinebench everything stress testing and PC holds up without any problem. Only with Cinebench pc sometimes freeze for 5sec but Cinebench still running and after complete results are 100% okay and are much higher than stock 3,2GHz. But it's only sometimes. Mostly it runs without freeze.
Second but much worse problem is OC, that I must every time in BIOS re-activate. It cannot hold and after second and every next boot, also recovery from sleep, it get ridiculously down to 1,36 GHz max but in task manager it still shows 3,9GHz as top clock!

Last, but not very big problem only cosmetic, aura sync is not fluently as may be, if I only choose LED strips connected to MOBO, it's 99% smooth, but if I connect also my GPU it refreshing only half or more of second 😞 latest aura software from asus. So I connect GPU like before on aura GPU and in aura I have on only for strips and it's ok but I want to sync GPU too, maybe anyone will have answer. Maybe next update will work. Maybe bios in card is old but I'm not experienced with flashing bioses in gpus.

Finally here is my complet PC specs:
PSU: Evolveo 750W modular 80+GOLD
CPU: Ryzen 1600 (OC details below)
Cooler: SilentiumPC Fera4 HE (temps: max 60-70, averages 40-50)
RAM: Generic DDR4 2133MHz, 12GB
DIMM_B1 Patriot 8GB, PSD48G21332 )
GPU1 (PCI-E x16_1): ASUS GTX 1070 ROG STRIX 8GB (in OC can go up to 2GHz and 9GHz RAM - stable)
GPU2 (PCI-E x16_2): GIGABYTE GTX 750 (only for more DVI displays)
PCI-E x1_1 - SIL 3132 SATALink, SATA II, 2port - for connecting 2 DVDs
SATA 3 onboard - all 6 connected
1 - SSD ADATA SP550 - system drive
3 - Seagate 500 GB 2,5" ST500LM012
4,5 - 2x Hitachi 3TB 7200 HUA723030ALA641

Windows 10 Pro for Workstations, 1709, latest build + security updates
Avast free latest
All latest (from Asus page) Ryzen, Asus chipset drivers, software, apps
Game libraries like Steam Origin and Uplay
Chrome, Edge
Some render/edit/graphics software from well known brands

UEFI version: 2.17.1246 ©2018 American Megatrends
BIOS version: 3803 x64 - latest from Asus web
Build date: 01/22/2018
EC Version: MBEC-AM4-0320
LED EC Version: LED-0116

(I bought this PC this month as upgrade from AMD A10 7850K that I have 100% ok and have good stable OC, I'm not new to OC but I'm new to Ryzen OC and everything I set like other people)
Also first thing I done was upgrade bios to latest from bios utility, thru internet. I was not trying to do anything on almost year old bios as I know there will not be any enhancemens made thru year of using and optimizing from ASUS.

OC settings (and what I do before every boot - very confusing)

1) Firstly i go stock F5, then F10, reboot and settings again:
2) RAM settings is stock but can't see any DOCP like others and don't have options for forcing exactly manual voltages. Only offsets here available. I set it to 2133MHz
3) CPU core ration 39.00
4) VDDCR CPU voltage offset,+, 0.11875
5) VDDCR SOC voltage offset,+, 0.01875
7) VDDCR SOC LLC - Regular
😎 Global C-state control - enabled
9) Hot plug - Enabled
10) PCIEX16_3 force 2x (will adding more HDDs so will be there card)
11) LED in sleep off
12) charging USB in S5 on

Now my OC holds until I put PC under sleep or shutdown. Restarting is ok. Under load it's 99% usage in Prime95 etc and frequency, holds up to 3.85GHz not hitting 3.9 exactly. After next boot it's 1.35 or 1.36 and usage is on all cores/threads 10-15% max I think.

Sorry for long post, but I tried to describe as most as can be helpful. I really want to force OC to be "saved" and works if I put PC to sleep or shutdown and next boot I will not setting everything in bios. I just press F5 then save F10 reboot and load saved oc profile but still this random shutdowns..... I don't know what is wrong, Windows, games, render software is 100% stable no BSODs so far, no crashing of programs anything...
Also I thinks, my RAM can be different in 2018 🙂 I don't think so that this can be problem now I got idea to run memtest, must flash it to USB stick..
I just bought this used sticks (but perfectly working in Intel Skylake PC) as want to keep low budget now that every ram stock is overpriced.

Level 7