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Rampage V Extreme i7-5820K bF code

Level 7
Hello guys, I hope you're having a great day.
I bring to you my issue with DRAM OC. At the moment I'm running my 5820K on 4.2 GHz with Vcore 1.18V (it wants to go higher, but temps are above 80 Celsius degrees under stress). I've wanted to run my DRAM at 3000MHz (CMW16GX4M2C3200C16), but everything above 2600MHz cause bF code (I've used timing from XMP profile and 2T Command Rate).
I were testing every possibility with Vcore 1.23V for guaranteed stability. Settings I checked:
- Increasing SA Voltage and VCCIN to 1.25V (using increaments of 0.05V)
- Increasing SA Voltage to 1.35V
- CPU In Voltage set to 1.9V
- setting BCLK and CPU Strap to 125
- Loadline Calibration Level 6, no power limits and DRAM Phase changed to Extreme.
I'm running latest 4101 BIOS.
Is even 2666 MHz too much for my IMC? Thanks in advance, looking forward for yours respone 😉

Level 40

Yes of course, I've tried either 1.35V and 1.4V and played with DRAM Capability (set to 120%).