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Rampage iii extreme reassign pcie slots please

Level 7
hey all, just really want to know how to re-assign the GPU slots on the rampage 3 extreme. i dont want to use the top slot so i can put in a 240mm rad on my exhaust fans and want to move my gtx 460 (soon 660) down to the next slot, please help!!!!!

Level 16
Welcome to the ROG forum!

What exactly do you want to do? Reassign IRQs or move your VGA one slot below? :confused:

I guess, just move that graphic card one slot down (second red) and that's it. You may turn off the first slot if you're not using it (PCIe x16 Lane Switch #1)

yeah i just want to move the card down to the second red port, i did move it down but it would not display (through HDMI port) so it is now moved back. i couldn't find anything in bios cus im a bit noobish in that respect. so any thing i can do to move it down??? or what? how could i turn on the #2 port if that is the problem??

Level 16
Actually, I have a R3E too - just realized that the graphic card (GTX 560 Ti) is in the second slot... Not sure why I put it there, but it was working from the beginning with no issues...

For turning on that PCI-E lane or check if it's turned on, you have to check the PCIe 16x switches on your motherboard... there are 4 of them, below the reset button, next to the DIMM slots. I turned on only the PCIe #2 which has the graphic card, all others (#1,3,4) are in off position.

mk, well i did that furst, and it didnt work. i just tried it again and all good. so problem solved. thanks for your help =]

Level 16
Excellent, happy to hear that it works! :cool: First time perhaps the VGA was not seated completely in the slot...