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Rampage 5 extreme boot issues/failures.

Level 7
So, a few days ago one of my ssds died causing my pc to crash, which is weird because it was not my C drive. After the crash I rebooted but got stuck on the windows logo after leaving the bios. I was not able to boot into windows or even a USB with a windows 10 pro 64 installer. Each would get stuck on the windows loading image. Eventually I decided to wipe all my drives with my other pc, in the process i found it was my Silicone power ssd that had failed. Even after the wipe I still could not get anything to boot so I took my rig 100% apart water cooling and everything (might as well clean it) only after this I was able to load windows onto one of my remaining two ssds( both intel 730 240 gb). Even since this crash my pc has been plagues with boot failures and software like Ai suite not working. I have tried adding/removing drives form boot order in bios and have flashed the past three latest Bios versos all with the same issues. I have no idea if some how the crash damaged part of my motherboard or not its never had this issues before. Other miscellaneous things that happen are: no longer have option to use ROG logo instead of windows boot logo, no longer have windows boot manager as a boot option, and pc always checks each drive on start up for os no matter the boot order.

Any advice is much appreciated!

i7 5930k
tiple 980 sli
2x intel 730 ssds
WD black 2tb
32 gb ram
evga supernova 1300 g2 psu

Level 10
Silicon Power has the worst quality SSDs, my friend was complaining to me about 2 weeks ago that he just had two of them fail for him. The system crash won't damage your motherboard. Since you do have liquid cooling then I assume your system is overclocked? Ever tried resetting everything to default and see if you're still having the same issues? OS not booting properly is a common sign that the OC is not stable or was stable and has become unstable over time.

Level 7
When I was trouble shooting I cleared CMOS and flashed bios. I was running stock clocks while trouble shooting and am still at base clock. wont OC until I can figure this out. It may be that im not understanding the boot order in my pc, id like it to just boot form the os drive but there is like a boot option and a boot order config which is confusing to me. A coworker suggested that it may be that my bios requires me to disable the drive in the boot sequence if I am going to remove it which is odd to me.

Level 15

Level 7
Sounds like a good plan to me.