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RAM max OC decreased after MB BIOS update

Level 7
I have ROG R6EE X299 motherboard with 8x8 GB Ballistix 4000 MHz RAM (basically, two kits of four modules). However, in MB's QVL there was mentioned support only for one kit and so initialy my setup didn't boot with XMP. I managed to solve the problem with manually changing CL from 18 to 19. And that worked prefectly for me until JAN when I updated the BIOS for my MB to the latest version (0901). The system could not boot with previous settings and POSTed RAM detect error. Now it only works with 3800 MHz speed (1.35V and 19-19-19-39). I cant reach 4000 MHz speed even with a bit higher timings. Thats kinda a frustrating outcome of BIOS version update, to say at least. Any tips what I can try tweaking to get back to 4 GHz?