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R.O.G Tattoo

Level 7
Hey guys, i love the ROG logo and im thinking about getting a Tatto with the Eye-Logo. What do you guys think about this?

Level 7
Tattoos are a personal choice all mine mean something so if the ROG logo means that much to you get it ;).
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Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)

Level 40
Post up a pic once you have it done dude.

Me and tats are not friends. But my wife likes them and she wants to get one done. All good but not for me.
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Level 14
i would say IF your gona have one, get a real smal one and implemate it in to another tatt.
lets say make it an eye on a figure ( so its easy to get away if you want to remove it later just in case )
a tat is some thing realy personaly since it sticks on your body for ever unless you want to pay loads of monney to get it removed down the road.

Level 7
I would take a mid big Tattoo at my upper arm. In the colors Black / Red without any text. So just the Eye 🙂