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Question on 4x16 at 3600mhz

Level 7

So just a quick rundown heres my specs
ryzen 5 5600g
asus prime b550 plus
Bios is updated to current build
4x16 ddr4 tridentz neo f4-3600c-64 gtznc kit

After going into bios and using ai tweaker i endabled DOCP AND CHOSE 3600MHZ. EVERYTHING ELS ON AUTO, DRAM VOLTAGE SHOWS ITS UPPED TO 1.35

system wont post... it will only post at 3200mhz. 

Just curious is my mobo limited to this? or maybe the memory controller? Or is it possible to get this to run at 3600mhz? my friend has same ram and is running it at 3600mhz with a ryzen but is also i believe using a newer mobo since he said hes using xmp and it just works. 

Any ideas? Im new to teaching myself things like this. No i cant return the ram. so if 3200 is best i can get then ok. Was just seeing what the pros here think..