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Question about RAM on VIII Hero

Level 8

I bought 2 8g GSKILL 2400 series RAM sticks for my VIII Hero build and during the troubleshooting phase I ended up purchasing 2 more 8g Gskill Ram sticks that were on the QVL (3400)

I am just running it with the 3400's, turns out ram wasnt the issue with the Code 99. Would I be able to place the other 2 8g ram 2400's in the other RAM slots without any issues since two are 2400 and 2 are 3400's? I dont want to cause any issues.

Here are the 2400's

Here are the 3400's

Hello dannythedonk

You are only asking for trouble by doing that. You might get it to work by setting them manually to the specs of the 2400MHz kit.

And then again it may not work, you should ALWAYS get a single kit of the capacity you want to avoid issues.

Thanks for the Reply, Ill stick with the two 3400's and save the 2400's for a seperate build.

Level 10
Yeah, It was never recommended to buy a kit and then expand upon it afterwards, although it is possible, chances are you wont get the performance or stability you're expecting, even if the kits you buy separately are identical. I didnt know this back in the day and I wanted to upgrade from 4gb of Ram to 8gb after upgrading to a x64 OS . I bought the exact same 4gb I had in my PC thinking it would work and damn was it a real headache to get the 4 sticks working together at all. Had many instability issues along the way.

Nowadays its better to just outright buy a 16gb kit for example, than it is to buy an 8gb kit and upgrade later by buying another 8. You're just asking for trouble! Most people would suggesting buying an entirely new kit of a higher capacity.
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