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Level 7
Hello guys,
So today i used userbenchmark to see where my pc is among others. After completing the test i noticed that my ram was running at 2133mhz. So i run into bios to see whats happening and i saw that the xmp profile wasnt enable. I am sure that the xmp was enable at 3000mhz because i change my dominators and got the Vengeance rgb and i also updated my bios to the latest two weeks ago (current bios version still the latest). So when i enabled once more the xmp profile pc restarted and then it shut down. Nothing happens. Last q code i get is the BF and then it shuts down. Screen shows nothing at all. No beeps also. I then cleared CMOS using the button at the rear IO, and the pc started. Every time i try to enable XMP i get the same problem. Now my pc is working but without xmp enabled.

Rampage V Extreme
Vengeance RGB 32gb 3000mhz
Evga G2 1000w

I dont know if this is relevant but my corsair link does not work also, i am trying to change the light on the ram but i got stack with my previous configuration. It does show that it changed in the software but not in my rams. This happened today as far as i know. I reinstalled corsair link but same problem.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.

Level 7
I have the same problem. XMP with Trident Z RGB 3000Mhz does not work. I was able to get 2666 by changing DRAM Phase Control to EXTREME

Yeah but my problem is that i was fine before, i had xmp loaded to 3000 working just fine.. I dont know what changed. Can you change your colours at the ram?

Hi Ted1991 and Leyba

Try resetting the bios to defaults (F5) and setting your ram manually, this most times will give better results.

If it still doesn't go....

On the Extreme Tweaker tab raise the "CPU System Agent voltage" and "CPU VCCIO voltage" to 1.15v and up to 1.25v for both should get you there. If it's still not stable, try the CPU System Agent voltage to 1.30v and 1.35v maximum.

You can use increments of 0.05v, let us know how it goes.