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Q-Code 56 then 55, DRAM_LED lit w/no post | Max V Extreme

Level 7
I had a working rig for 1+ years when I starting have issues with my Corsair H100 water cooler. I had to RMA that device, and received a new H100i water cooler. I never de-connected/de-seated the CPU, only removing the water block/pump itself and replacing with the new version. The standoff's and backplate was identical for both models.

After re-assembly today, I see the Q-Code run the diagnostics and show a error 56 for a second, then sit on 55. Additionally the DRAM LED is lit red on the board as well. New Cooler is working properly (working LED's on cooler) and radiator fans and all case fans and lighting are running normally.

::Steps taken::
Loosed water block to ensure no MB warping
Removed all RAM (4x8) re-seated.
Single DIMM in A2 | Error 55
Pressed "Go Mode" | Error 55
Held dowon "Go Mode" for overclocker profile? | Error 55
Moved 2 DIMM's to B1 & B2 | Success!
Swapped 2 good DIMMS for A1 & A2 | Error 55
Loosed H100i, Single DIMM in A2 | Success!
All 4 DIMM's with hand tight H100i | Error 55
A2 + B1 & B2 populated | Success!
Tighten down H100i with screw driver to very light pressure | Success!

I have a working machine now minus 8 GB RAM with a bad A1 slot in my MB. Mem Tweak report for my current system here.

What are the next steps I can take to try and get my A1 slot working and get my other 8GB of memory back?
I'm currently running BIOS version 0257 x64, is there a new firmware I should try?
Is this something that can even be fixed with software?

Thanks for your help.


Level 15

I have full build details under my profile, but included here below for easy reference.

Single Kit 4 DIMM x 8 GB
1866 MHZ Stock DDR3

Below is summary of current readings from Mem Tweak it.
Full details here

RAM : 24576MB (Corsair)
FSB Frequency : 100.3 Mhz
FSB/DRAM Ratio : 1:5
Memory frequency : 668.7 MHz
Concurrent Memory Channel : 2
CAS# Latency (CL) : 10
RAS# to CAS# Delay (tRDC) : 11
RAS# Precharge : 10
Cycle Time (tRAS) : 27
Command Rate (CR) : 2

Level 15
Please do this experiment for me.

1. Shutdown your system.
2. Remove all your modules.
3. Switch off the PSU.
4. Disconnect the PSU cable.
5. Remove the CMOS battery for 5 minutes.
6. Put it back in place.
7. Install one module into the DIMM_A2 slot.
8. Reconnect the PSU cable.
9. Switch on your PSU.
10. Power up your system.

Does it post?

Thanks for this, I will try this weekend and update with my findings.


Chino wrote:
Please do this experiment for me.
Does it post?

Yes, my machine is posting when doing these steps. Link to my MemTweak scores here.

Is the next step to start adding DIMM's 1 by 1 to see if I can get all 4 populated?


Level 15
The next step is to test each module individually in that same DIMM_A2 slot and see if it posts. So put the one you installed aside for now and swap in another module. If anyone fails to posts, that's your culprit there. Let me know what you find. 😉

Thanks Chino. Individual DIMM failure was previously testing in original steps.

I populated B2, and success.
Then populated A1 & B1 and success.

I am now running 4 x 8 successfully with Mem Tweak It scores here. Now some benchmarking to make sure all good, then starting to step into OC'ing RAM first.

Thanks for the help Chino, much appreciated.