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Problems with idle Vcore on 8700k after OC

Level 7
so , i managed to oc my 8700k to 5ghz after delid and lm ,

XMP: on

MCE: Off

AVX offset: 0

Sync all Cores : 50

SVID support : Auto

LLC: 1 ( thought it was at 6 but for some reason its at 1 now lol .. ) , tried llc6 but then it jumps to 1.5+ at idle sometimes ..

Power limits maxed

BCLK aware : Off

Speedstep: off

Voltage mode : Adaptive 1.35v and offset -0.07

it ran 2 hours of asus realbench fine and the reporte Vcore by hwinfo was 1.344v

my issue is , that in idle the vcore shoots up to 1.41+ v sometimes for no reason ( atleast no reason for me )

with 1.35v manual mode the pc wont even boot into windows

how can i get rid of the stupid high idle vcore i sometimes get ? , am i doing something wrong ?

is this caused by the LLC ?

its an 8700k

asus strix z370-f on latest bios

32gb ddr4 cl15 2400mhz ram

2x360mm radiator watercooling

max temp under load was 75c

Level 10
8700k & 8086k owner here.

For an accurate interpretation kindly use the search function.
There are many threads about this issue with a gigaton of knowledge.

The simplified version:
vcore feeds more than one demand. cpu/uncore/..and avx if i recall correctly
The last one has shown itself to you by ramping up in windows due some background tasks using it for a very short period.
Still long enough to be measured and witnessed by you as it seems. - nothing to tweak or "correct" here.

short fix:
Set avx -2 and be done with the whole issue for good.

The different needs concerning vcore align better under the same vcore value now
! Mostly only worth on the extreme top end of the OC scale mind you - so 5.0Ghz+

So what am i saying
The slowest vcore you can run your tests with is only that high because of the avx requirement on that chosen multiplier
The cpu for sure can pass stress tests without avx loads with far less vcore.
Uncore is even worse. And since you stress test like it is "mission critical" is suggest -5 on the uncore for the given cpu frequency.
Gamer surely get away with -3/-2

My own 8700k had the same stepping as the 8086k and ran 5.1Ghz with -1 avx as a gaming rig.
The noctua D-15 did not ramp up quiet that often after using 5.1 with avx -2

The next part is for 16Gb so kindly deinstall some ram and tweak system agent and vccio afterwards until stable with 32Gb.

These settings are a neat starter pack for someone who wants to use adaptive and mitigaten its issues represented by spikes in that generation if avx -0 is involved.

Most users give up and use manual vcore all day long to circumvent the adaptive issues of "spiking".
Something like...5.0 @ manual vcore set at 1.27 with avx -2

Here are my adaptive suggestions without any special order.

svid support on
Best Case scenario

Only LLC 4-6. I am runnning LL5 in all my 370/390 rigs without thinking twice anymore.8700/9900ks-air/watercooled
vccio 1.25
vccsa 1.20
pll term volt 1.1
stand by 1.050
IA AC Load Line 0.01 - spikey spikey smally smally
TVB disabled. ... Although it seems to run and work on my 8086k by really limitting its use above 4.4
PLL Bandwith (drop down menu usually) - yeah use 0 or maybe 1 for record benches
cpu min cache 8
cpu max cache 48 for now ( 49 and 50 only if you are lucky)
synced multiplier of 50
avx -0

For 5.0 and -2 avx : 1.26-1.29 vcore
For 5.0 and 0 avx : 1.32 vcore
For 5.1 and -1 avx : 1.32 +0.030 ish offset
For 5.2 and -2 avx : 1.35 +0.030 ish offset

What i would do on water?
5.2 with avx -1 for a gaming rig all day long with any vcore set to below 1.4.

Personally i am using adaptive because electricity is expensive where i live. 50 vs 85 watt in idle.

If I would delid a cpu my mindset would give a damn about the power bill and i surely would choose manual vcore.

IFf your board bios has AI overclocking features set it to 165 with optimism 100. If the Rig runs almost stable, leave the settings and try 155 -185

.. hehe and what the frag are those for ram sticks btw?