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Problem with my crosshair formula z!

Level 7
I found on the net a lot more to my identical problem with a difference because there never installed the suite, and even then after login it takes about 2 minutes to get to use the pc!
asked the asus support anything more solutions!
Someone managed to solve the problem?

my system

bios 1101 (will update when solving the problem)
crosshair formula z
cpu 8350
memory corsair vengeance 2133
Crucial 120gb ssd Win7
barracuda 2 tb secondary
770 gigabyte video 4g
asus audio phoerbus
silverstone power supply 850 golden
cpu fan corsair 100i

Sorry my bad english!

Level 18
Welcome to ROG.

First, if you have the ROG logo screen up, go into bios and disable it so you
can see the boot screen.
[Many of us prefer not to install the suite, btw .. did you ?]
Where is it hanging ? What do you see when you boot ?
What usb devices do you have installed ?
Do you have an anti virus set to run a scan on boot ?
Is there more than one OS listed ? Do you have to choose or wait for the timer to run down ?
Does the system during boot show the correct amout of memory ?

That should get 'us' started 'troubleshooting' this issue. Await your reply.
Best of Luck.
Worry not of your english .. what is your 'native' language, in case you have issue
understanding us ? .c.