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ProArt Creator Z790 / I9-13900K / G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB 7200MHz 2x16GB (futur 4x16GB)

Level 7

Hi guy's, for your infos, after many time spent on overclocking my PC, I finally got something seems to works. After tries and errors and BIOS updates, I got my ProArt run at 7200MHz stable for now. XMP 1/2/3 (Tweak) are not working but AI Overclocking in Auto works fine. I got to put PMIC voltage in "Per PMIC" for mode stability and memory speed at 7200MHz. I hope memory traning will not screw up my setup in a few reboot, I'm not sure if it stop acting over time. Memory timing is in Auto mode and Gskill specs indicated CL34-45-45-115 1.4V but actually is at CL60-60-60-114. Mem Ctrl Voltage indicates 1.385V

ASUS specifications indicates ProArt is supporting OC at 7200MHz. I think it can support higher clock only because at production opening, this memory was the highest available at this time and they did not performed further tests. Best info I've found are running at 6800MHz. My memory modules failed about a few errors on MemTest86 with 1 or 2 modules at 7200MHz but succeed at 7000MHz. I wait for a two modules returned ti GSkill to goes on 64GB and makes new performances tests. My CPU jumper Overvoltage is currently at Factory Default Off position. If I have crashes, I'll drop down to 7000 and 6800 progressively.