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Prime X399-A instability with Matlab on Linux

Level 7
I have two machines built around PRIME X399-A motherboards and 1950X Threadrippers.

Both present the same behaviour: they freeze when running a specific program written in Matlab 2018a by one of mine students. We use Linux (Ubuntu 18.04) The problem is very consistent, you just to need to run this code in a loop and usually after at most a couple of runs the machines freezes.

Since the programs take long to run I am usually not at the machine when it freezes. But after the freezes when I go there I find the machine completely frozen with the Q-Code fixed a 08 (I think it reboots and freezes just in the first steps).

After tweaking in the BIOS I found out that turning on the "Overclock enhancement" option fixes the problem. However, as far as I could find this options changes different settings like turning on "SenseMi Skew", tweaks in VRM settings and "Performance bias" ( I would like to see if I can narrow down the changes to a minimum to find the exact reason for the problem. I already found down that I can turn off "SenseMu Skew" and the freeze does not come back, but I don't know exactly what I should do to the other setting. What are the specific VRM tweaks, for example?

Can anyone explain exactly what this option does so that I can start by changing the specific setting to find out a minimum working configuration?