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Power Target and Core Clock suddenly drop then go back up mid-game... power supply?

Level 7
Hello all,

I would really appreciate some help here if anyone has any suggestions. I have my Matrix GTX 980 overclocked to 1420/7850 and most of the time everything is great. However at times mid game it will suddenly drop the Power Target (from being around 85% down to 30% suddenly) and the core clock drops a couple hundred mhz as well. FPS in game drastically drop and it feels like I am suddenly lagging bad but it's just my FPS.

I can't figure out what would be causing this.... I have gone into the Nvidia control panel and turned up the Power management there to Max Performance, also in GPU Tweak II I have the Power Target maxed at 125.

My power supply is an 850 Watt Cooler Master, could this somehow be the culprit? It is some 4 years old at this point, maybe it is somehow aging and can't supply the power? Or have I probably got the clock a bit too high and should go lower?

Thanks in advance for any and all advice!


EDIT: I will try and get a screenshot to show this as well.

I should also add my temperatures never go above 50 C so it can't be that.

Oh yes also my power supply is probably 6 years old at this point, I wonder if maybe it is just wearing out somehow?