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Possible Dark Hero PBO2 issues

Level 7
I have a 5900x and a Dark Hero MB, I built the system back in September 2021 and have had no issue since, that is until today. The MB has the latest bios installed (3801), and all the latest chipset drivers.

At this point I don't know if my issue is MB or Windows related. So here goes.

Windows ran an automatic update this morning which resulted in my clock speeds dropping to .5GHz. I tried uninstalling the updates, performing a system restore, and playing around with the windows power settings, nothing worked. Although playing with the power settings did fix the issue for about 2 min.

So before resorting to a full Windows re-install, I decided, on a gut feeling, to disable PBO2 in the BIOS, basically putting PBO back to Auto. Low and behold, problem fixed. My clock speeds are back to normal now and my PC is no longer lagging.

So the question is, how could a Windows update cause MB issues? Or was it just a coincidence and is my MB on it's way to the dumpster?

Level 7
Latest bios is 3901.....although there is a unreleased 40xx file floating around.

Last bios update is actually better for me and allows me to push system farther without crashing

Everything i've read about 3904 is telling me to stay away from it. Let me clarify, I have the latest stable bios, 3801, and has been stable since September.