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please help. PC freezes non stop. and keeps triggering error code 00

Level 7
Hello. I'm having a huge problem with my new PC I built in December.*

A few weeks ago it started freezing during gaming. It Started happening more often so I decided to re format. Hoping maybe it was issues with programs. The Computer still freezes non stop. Even before logging in. Or in bios sometimes. When it freezes sometimes power and lights go off on mouse keyboard and when i reboot I usually get 00 code and can't get past post. I can try 50 times and even disconnect power source and battery off mobo. Clear cmos and still 00 code. But if I leave the pc sit for hours or overnight it will usury boot back up and loose the 00. Just to freeze again down the road. I have checked every connection. Tested ram one stick at a time. Re seated cpu. And every other part. All drivers are up to date. Including my bios. I'm wondering if I have a faulty cpu, or why a motherboard would cause PC to Freeze randomly like this off and on. Even before logging in

I'm freakin out and don't have the cash or trust to take it into the shop. And dont want to start sending parts away yet. Any help would be much appreciated

Maxumus VIII HERO*
INTEL i7-6700k
2X8gb ddr4 3000 rip jaws V
750 Thermal take smart series psu

Level 15
Some stuff to try.

1. Loosen the screws for the heatsink.
2. Inspect the CPU socket for any bent or missing pins.
3. Test your motherboard outside the case on the cardboard box that it came in with the bare minimum.
4. Test your motherboard with another PSU/CPU/RAM.

Level 7
Soon as I have the cash I'll be building a second pc so I have spare parts to problem test these stressful situations