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Ping Spikes on all games/sites, new ROG laptop.

Level 7
I have this laptop for a few weeks.
I've been getting ping spikes in all games.
For example, in CS GO, my ping is 50 and for 5-10 seconds it goes up to 200.
However, 200 ping feels like 600 ping, because players around me are teleporting and it's really hard to play.
I also took a ping test using pingplotter on and the ping is 3 ms and for a few seconds it goes up to 250, every 5 minutes.

What is really interesting though...


Is that I have a computer in my house and it acts fine. I tried using a wired network and it's the same.
I also took my laptop to another house, using my friend's wi-fi, but the lag spikes are still there.
The problem must be from the laptop. Am I using a deficient product? Or is it not configured correctly.
I bought a laptop a month ago and it was also broken. Am I this unlucky?
I need this laptop to work as I am a Youtuber with a few thousand subscribers.
Thanks for reading. I am looking forward to reading your suggestions.

Level 7

Level 13
could it be this
these days almost every software demands your bandwidth , disable any that use your band width.