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PC won't power on after shutdown

Level 7
Asus Gene VI
Seasonic G 550W Gold
HD 7970Ghz

I was playing about with my overclock last, as I tend to do, and I think I may have pushed it a little far on the v-core. I've had it stable at 4.2 @ 1.3v (I know it got an absolute terrible chip) for a year-ish now and thought I'd try get just a little more out it, in preparation for my new 970's coming today. Think i had bumped it up to 1.32 to try and get 4.3/4.4.

Saved the setting and restart and it just didn't boot. all the power LED's are on on the mobo but no reaction from the chassis power button/the start button on the mobo itself. The only way I can get it to boot is by removing the power cord and leaving it for 10 minutes, it will then start up fine first time, but after one shutdown the same issue. No boot.

What have I fried?

I had also just installed and upgraded the firmware on my H100i, the only other recent change at the time.

Hello Digitalle

Your psu could be the problem.

If you need 1.30v for 4.2Ghz, you're gonna need more than 1.32v for 4.3/4.4.

Try clearing the cmos or resetting the bios to defaults.

Do things go back to normal?

Level 7

Yes clearing the CMOS was the first thing I tried, first by using the 'Clear CMOS' button on the rear I/O, then by removing the battery for half an hour or so. It then prompts the 'press F1' to setup on start up, which is fine, but then once I try to shutdown/restart from there the same problem occurs. No response from either the case power button or the power button on the motherboard itself.

I should have noted 1.32v is not too much if you have adequate cooling.

Since clearing the cmos didn't help, I'm thinking it's your psu.

Would you have another one to test with?

Level 7
I don't, I have a mulitmeter though so I can do it manually.

Level 7
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