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PC shutdown itself on its first time boot

Level 7
Hey Guys! This is my first post on ROG.

Well I recently build my new PC a month before with all new components and encountering this issue recently from last week I guess. When I turn on my PC the first time after long hours (for eg: over a night) its turning on with usual beep sound and cpu and case fans are spinning and its shutting down after 2-3 seconds showing "No Signal" on my monitor. I figured out to see if mobo has power, but its completely shut off with no lights on my mobo or case. When I press the power button for the second time, everything loads up normally and i can get ASUS post screen and able to login windows and work, play and anything i need without any issues (No crash, freeze, program not responding or nothing). Also the PC can able to shutdown properly without any issues. The wonder here is when I instantly tried to power on the PC once its completely shutdown, its powering on with POST and working normally on the first press of power button. I guess the issue here is only with the longtime cold boot. I have read threads here and saw some users had similar issue (but not exact issue I'm facing) and I'm pretty not sure about the issue in my scenario. I'm on full stock mode without OC nor tweaked any settings in BIOS and TPU, XMP disabled in mobo. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

PC Specs:
Asus Z97 - A
Intel i5 4670K @ 3.4 GHz
CPU Cooler - Intel Stock
GSKILL 2GB DDR3 1x2 GB @ 1333 MHz
Toshiba 2.5" 500 GB HDD
AOC LED Backlit LCD E970SWNL Monitor ( 18.5 inch)
Cooler Master K380 Mid Case
Corsair VS 450W
Windows 10 Pro X64

Level 7
Thanks for your input Nagglash! I have already installed Windows 10 on my PC and all the drivers are up to date.

As everyone suggested, I have updated the bios to current version using EZ Flash 2 and loaded default settings. The problem gone now. Thanks everyone!!