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PBO/Curve Optimizer settings now in Extreme Tweaker of Dark Hero bios 3601

Level 7
Hello friends.

In the latest update to get my Ryzen 5900x to work properly with my Dark Hero x570, I updated to bios v3601.

I have now noticed that both PBO and Curve Optimizer are available in the "Extreme Tweaker" section of the bios settings. Previously Curve Optimizer was only available in AMD Overclocking section after setting PBO to "advanced". The reason I want to make this of note is because to the best of my knowledge, if you use "extreme tweaker" PBO vs the PBO on "AMD Overclocking" they are essentially two different versions?

When trying to adjust PBO and Curve Optimizer through "AMD overclock" I am not achieving ANY results as far as lowering temps or vcore. If I tweak settings through the "extreme tweaker" section, I am at least getting much lower idle temps, but the vcore jumps around though and when I fire up a game everything shoots up right away.

Any tips on this will be very helpful, thanks for your time!