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Paw's P.O.V

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Ok, much has been said and done in this community these last few years, both guns and roses .

Now that Paw have tried a lot of different motherboards from different manufacturers, paw want to write a line .

The motherboards Asus forward, and especially ROG, have all been lovely to get my paws on, Paw also think the hardware is market-leading quality without any competition hardware/software ..
Paw like to try different manufacturers, but it has ended with these boards have been sold, and the card again fallen on ROG.
Other manufacturers promises much, and with the same pricing, but with the focus on overclocking its Paw's opinion that the others is reminiscent of Willie E in his desire to catch the Roadrunner ..
The day Paw find a motherboard that is as good as a ROG, Paw will be happy to write about it in this thread .

@ dont get the haughty now..

/ On Red
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Only way to make leave is to ban me.. You know that..

Ok i blame my English again, that post wasnt about swapping brand, it is about the satisfaction of owning/using the red's

Level 15

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Gold? No R5E is still black, last time i checked..

Level 18
Well said Paw. Black & Red forever bro.c.

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Yes C. Black and red..

I still dont know what you meant Chino?

Level 18
Its a language thing bro .. He forgot. U r the Paw.
You play them all. Cut u open ur full of Polars and ice.
When u get serious .. black/red .....
the rest I would suggested is rated triple XXX .. hahhahaa
you both have multi languages .. btw.
i love this bar.c.

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Yes must be..


Level 40
I too use pretty much all vendors boards Paw, I do not care who makes the most efficient board for the benching I do. If it is the most effective for my outcome I use it.

And like you I tend to drift back to ROG boards each and every time.
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