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P9X79-E WS Manual RAM Timing

Level 7

I do not want to do overclocking. I have some problem to get RAM working and decided to set the RAM timing manually now - This is the first time I try to set it manually.

I think the people in this forum have the best experience with this topic.

When somebody has a bit of general advice to get RAM to be recognized this is also welcome

Board: P9X79-E WS
CPU: E5 1680 v2

Only 3 out of 8 DIMMs are recognized.


Lets me show you what I have done already and where my problem with the manual setting is:

First I checked the JEDEC parameters which are supported by this RAM. I guess the SPD information here is what is stored in the RAM e.g. This is the timings which the RAM needs?


Then I wanted to disable XMP. The setup option does not match the description! Is setting "AI overclock tuner" to manual the correct setup to disable XMP?


Now I set the RAM timings based on the given SPD information (See the first image).

There is a Problem:
I can set all timings except tRC.

Where can I set tRC?
Is it "DRAM Command Rate"? If yes, this field only accepts a value of 3 but according to the SPD Information, I should set 45. What is the problem here?


Level 40
What RAM are you using? Is it a single quad channel kit? or is it multiple kits or cheap single sticks?

Trying to set up manually...just enter primary timings and leave the rest on auto

Just make sure to set DRAM voltage and SA voltage