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Overlocking help - ROG MAXIMUS XI EXTREME and i9-9900ks

Level 7
Hi Guys,

I am wondering if i am able to have some assistance trying to achieve an overclock on my system please?

Ideally i would like to get a 5.1ghz all core on my CPU and i am no longer able to boot into Windows with XMP enabled. this used to work but i think the issue started happening since i upgraded my BIOS to 1502.

if someone has some time to assist i would really appreciate it, i am quite new to Overclocking and am running into issues and seem to struggle to get things stable.
i am thinking i would like to get my XMP working first and then try achieve the CPU OC?

My parts are below:

Case: Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL (ROG Certified) Aluminium Midi-Tower - Black
Motherboard: ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XI EXTREME Motherboard
CPU: Intel Core i9-9900KS Processor
Memory: G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600) Desktop Memory Model F4-3200C14Q-32GTZR
PSU: Corsair HX 1000i
Hard Drive: Samsung Evo Plus 2TB and 1TB NVME, also two Crucial SSDs for data storage and temp volumes)
Video Card: Currently have a 1080 TI in here from out of my old Rig, i am waiting for the 3080 TI to come out and ill replace with that
Cooling: Corsair Hydro X custom loop (my first water cooled build) Radiator Fans are 3x ML120 and case fans i have 7 LL120 Fans. bottom 3 are set as intake side 3 and rear fan are exhaust. prob would have had the side as 3 intake as well but i didnt want them in reverse because they just dont look as nice lol

Level 40
Just use BIOS flashback method to 1402....1502 has many RAM kit problems...

Hi Arne,

I did a BIOS Flashback and i am now back on Version 1401.

i have done some testing pre and post BIOS change.

BIOS 1502 no OC

Cinebench: 2052
Realbench Max temp: 84 Min temp:36

Downgraded to BIOS 1401

XMP 1: - Crashed when trying to run Cinebench.


Cinebench: 2109
Realbench Max temp: Min Temp: - crashed

Turned off XMP again. was able to successfully run Cinebench and Realbench fully and got similar results to when my BIOS was 1502 with a complete run through.

Also note, i selected yes when i got the yes/no prompt when enabling XMP...

any idea how i can make my PC stable with XMP??? id be keen to try dial in a 5.1ghz O.C for CPU as well but id rather get Memory XMP working and stable first.
any help would be much apprecaited.

any help guys?

Level 40
Try 1.36v for vcore at LLC5 for 5.1GHz and try 1.05v VCCIO and 1.1v VCCSA for the can also try....say....1.365v vor DRAM voltage

Make sure long and short duration power package limit are set to their maximum (CPU power options)

Make sure your pump and fans are ramping up on load properly....5.1 is pretty toasty

Level 10
Have you tried the AI OC feature that comes with the Z390 chipset from ASUS ROG mobos? When I used it in both 1401 and 1502 the 1502 gave my Maximus XI Extreme about 5% better OC.

If you press F11 in the UEFI the AI OC guide will come up and you can run the automatic AI OC feature from there. I suggest this because once your system has been scanned for its potential OC parameters, it will set those parameters and then you can see what % OC you can get and in the UEFI you can tell what multiplier you system is set to for "no load" and "under load", just to get an idea.

Caution I am not certain if the AI OC feature utilises the XMP profile for your RAM, i think you can tell from the Main window in the UEFI? If it doesn't then you might be able to also set an XMP profile on top of the AI OC for experimentation, but i am not certain if this is doable or recommended, hence for caution. Hopefully a member with experience in this particular area can chime in.

i did try but didn't seem to have much luck with that

Level 10
so what happenned when you set up AI OC? Did the ROG Boot screen show any OC %? What is the best OC CPU multiplier and CPU/RAM voltage etc. are you able to achieve with a stable system? Did you try ARNE SAKNUSSEMM suggestions?

XYchromosone wrote:
so what happenned when you set up AI OC? Did the ROG Boot screen show any OC %? What is the best OC CPU multiplier and CPU/RAM voltage etc. are you able to achieve with a stable system? Did you try ARNE SAKNUSSEMM suggestions?

sorry for the delay in reply, i use my gaming PC as my work pc since recent events have me working from home so often testing or downtime isnt as quite as i would have liked.

i was working with Arne via messages and tried all possible things with him, possibly faulty memory perhaps when i dont use XMP my system is stable and no issues as soon as XMP is enabled BSOD's either just when logging into Windows or during Realbench tests.

i have tried 3 differnt BIOS version (currently on 1302, but also had 1401 and 1502 installed for testing)

by memory when doing the AI OC this is similar to what i experience when enabling XMP.

in my BIOS my cooler is given a score of 194

also has the following
non AVX V req for 5000 mhz is 1.221v
AVX v req for 5000hmz 1.266v
cache v req for 4300mhz is 1.118v

then has next to it for max.

MAX nonAVC stable 5129mhz
max avx stable 4975 mhz
max cache stable 4988 mhz

i may as well put the latest BIOS version back on since that seems to have not been causing the issues or wait for ASUS to release a new one and hope for the best.

i havent yet but tempted to OC the CPU and leave XMP off on my memory and see if that is stable?

have started contact with g.skill around RMA for the memory to see if that is an option but that is a slow process by the looks of it..

Level 10
trace centering on - should be tested
vccsa 1.3 until stable - then lower it
and switch the sticks around
maximus tweak mode 2

Rgds Carlyle