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Overheating caps on Max VI Forumula

Level 7
Problem is as follows:
Over heating capacitors after a case transfer. System had been functioning normally prior. Seen here38373
System will not attempt to boot, it does not display q-codes, nor do the power, reset, or clear CMOS have any effects. Most noticible is the breathing effect that the light just below the CPU displays, this is not the normal behavior of the light.
Thermal armor was removed to identify these three, I have no idea what they are for or why they are overheating. Some help would be nice, especially if it means we can celebrate my elder brothers birthday on the 5th with the MMO blowout he's hoping for.

Level 13
The lack of boot, behavior of the buttons and the pulsing ROG light indicate a short that's keeping the PSU from powering the board properly. (I think the pulsing ROG light is normal when the board sees nothing but standby power from the PSU.) The hot caps are an indication of where the power went bad. That this happened at the time of a case transfer suggests an accidental short circuit, a screw head or standoff out of place or the like. As it's a Formula, it had the armor plate on the back, which limits the possibilities a lot.

When you removed the armor and ran the board to identify the hot caps, was the board run outside the case? If not, try that to see if any short goes away.

If the board was run outside the case and still failed, something suffered consequential damage and the board needs to be RMAd for repair. Sorry that won't help by the 5th.


Level 13
Likely a short somewhere. If it's nto being caused by the board against the case or something else I would not try to power the board up any more.

Level 7
Thank you folks, the RMA process was started last night. The board was not in the case during the diagnosis, and was not powered on. The temps were noticeable with the armor on, which is why we took a look. I'll just have to put my brother on my rig for the MMO blowout and find something else to do. If I find out what caused the issue from support I'll post it here.

Level 7
(I think the pulsing ROG light is normal when the board sees nothing but standby power from the PSU.)

I have the same motherboard.

Good luck trying to fire it up man 😉