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overclocking with ai-overclocking in ai-suite 3

Level 7
im dont have my 9900k overclocked jet cause im quite new to overclocking, so im aSKING IF I CAN OVERCLOCK WITH THE AI-OVERCLOCKING in ai-suite! i have a XI code, a 360Ryujin and a 9900k! CAN I JUST PRESS ON START ON THE AIOC? it said the predicion is 5 ghz! does that change the setting in the bios and the voltage or what exactly does it and can i use it without worry?

Level 12
Yes, you can use that AI OC in Suite 3. It will provide you a safe overclock. It adjusts the BIOS automatically.

With the Ryujin I suspect the AI OC will give you 5GHz on 3-4 cores, and then 4.8GHz if loading 4-8 cores. It will likely not get you 5Ghz on all cores. That requires heavy voltage and cooling will be at the limit with an AIO cooler. You can get the AIOC to push the clock further if you get your Cooler score higher. You need above 180 points to get a good OC out of the AI. Try running your Ryujin up at max pump and fan speeds while stressing the CPU. Do this a few times. This will train your system and improve your cooling score. That score will lead to high AI Overclock settings.

I've just been having a mess with the AI oc'ing on my hero xi mb with a 9700k chip. Set bios to default, ran prime 95 for an hour then went back into bios and set AI oc'ing to run. It gave me an oc of 5.6 ghz which I thought was a bit optimistic. It was! Blue screened when running p95. Turns out there's an "optimistic" setting in the AI facility. Turned that down from 100 to 93, pressed enter and it gave a 5.2ghz oc. Booted with that setting and am now running with a 5.2ghz oc on all cores. Ran an hour of p95 which it sailed through but non of the cores really went passed 4.6 ghz which was a bit weird so temps never went passed 60. Running cinebench gave a max package temp of 75. Played 3 hours of bfv and got a max pkg temp of 73 though most of the time it was below 60. Watcha think? I'm pretty new to oc'ing but 5.2 on all cores and so far seeming pretty stable [without really knowing what I'm doing] seems like a good chip? If you haven't discovered the "optimistic" setting yet it's a great feature that allows you to choose what OC you want.

Level 13
My advice, don’t do it. What it’s supposed to do and what you get are different things. After getting a Maximus VIII Extreme bricked that was the end of that. It always 100% if the time sets the Vcore way to high. You are better off taking some time to read the guides and go slow with it, just a little at a time.*

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Tbh, I plan to put mine back to default anyhoo. Prefer it to run cooler and quieter. Just couldn't resist having a mess. These Rog boards do seem to massively overestimate what your cpu can do. Like I said mine initially gave me an oc of 5.6 which is just ridiculous and obviously crashed. My previous hero VIII and 6700k did the same. The new way the hero xi works does seem to be much better though. So long as you reduce the "optimistic" tab. It only goes up to 5.2 in non avx tasks and goes down to 4.6/4.7 in avx, to keep temps down.
Being inexperienced in oc'ing is temperature the main thing to watch? My temps seem reasonable but can other things brick the mb/cpu, like incorrect voltage etc. I am quite chuffed that my cpu seems to be able to do 5.2 without any instability or excessive heat. It only reaches mid 70's briefly in non realistic benchmarks and mostly stays under 60 in bfv which is quite heavy on the cpu. Thanks for any advice, Adam.

Put my bios back to default, enabled xmp with multi core enhancement and reaching 80 degrees in p95, higher than with the auto 5.2ghz! Go figure. I'm guessing it's not lowering the clock speeds for avx. Maybe the ai oc'ing isn't that bad on this board. It's "supposed" to learn your systems capabilities as it goes, assessing cooler capabilities and such.

Level 12
Only AI Overlocking changes the OC automatically. If you manually overclock nothin changes. Your 5.6 OC was unreasonable. I would try resetting the BIOS, clearing on your cooler score, and benching for 20 minutes and trying again. I have found my Hero XI consistently under estimates my CPU and AI OC ends up with a mild overclock. Manuel always yields higher. Your cooler score should NOT be set on Optimistic at default. That could be your issue.

Thanks for reply. Yeah I've already done that and this time it gave me an oc of 5,3, which I think is still too optimistic. I mean I haven't got some crazy cooler or anything and it seems a lot of people are struggling to get 5. I'm on default at the moment (+xmp1, multi core enhancement) and am getting similar temps to the 5,2 I had. On the 5.2 I spent about 20 hours running benchmarks, stress tests and playing bfv almost non stop. I had zero stability issues and the temps never reached 80, and was mostly around 60. If I remember correctly, I think the max v-core I saw in HW monitor was 1.35. Seems to be a great, stable oc but people are telling me not to trust any auto oc'ing facility so I set it back to default. Been using the new cpu/mb non stop for 4/5 days now so the mb has had plenty of time to learn my system. Should I trust the ai? Does seem a lot better than previous auto oc facilities. Thanks Adam.