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Overclocking settings are not remembered on restart.

Level 7
I have an old Asus ROG G752VY (i7 6820HK, from 2015) laptop and at one point a long time ago I used the Asus ROG Gaming Center software to overclock it. It was set to "Extreme" in the "Turbo Gear" section. I left it on this setting for years and recently I wanted to change it back to the "Standard" setting to reduce power draw. When I change it, the CPU does start to use less power and it clocks down, as expected. However, after I restart the computer, the settings don't appear to be saved. It shows up as being back on the "Extreme" setting every time after I restart.

Considering the software is changing the clocks for the remainder of the time the laptop is on after I change it but the setting simply gets reset back to extreme up on a restart, I assume that the setting simply isn't getting saved somehow.

I don't know where this type of configuration is stored. I assume it is somewhere in the BIOS, but correct me if I'm wrong.

Why isn't the setting being saved? Could it be the the BIOS motherboard battery (CMOS, I believe it is called) is dead? For reference, I also can't save any other configuration changes I make in the BIOS. For example, I tried to change my default boot drive (there are two SSDs in there), and the configuration change in the BIOS would not save.

Level 7
Nobody has any ideas?


Being an old laptop I'd definitely point my finger at the bios battery.