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Overclocking ryzen 5 3600 and team force delta rgb ddr4 3200 mhz in rog b450 e

Level 7
Hello Everyone,
Need help regarding overclocking ryzen 5 3600 in Asus Rog Strike B450- E gaming and team force delta rgb ddr4 3200mhz ram...what will be the settings in bios ...the bios is updated will do all core 4.2 ghz or 4.3 ghz stable plz need step by step in asus rog b450 e Bios...cpu cooler noctua nhu14s....

Level 12
This might be more useful and leave your cpu on auto which find the best o/c for each condition. Ryzen gen 3 is more like a GPU, of course you could look at doing both. This is just another type of o/c for cpu which can have good to great results.

Memory O/C:-

Get Thaiphoon Burner and identify your ram manufacturer (ie samsung, hynix, micron)

Then get this tool

Your going to have very good idea of safe o/c to extreme o/c of your memory. Which ~imo is more useful than o/c of your cpu.

Here is video about to use both programs.

Hope you find this of help 😉

PS. Take you time entering the data for ram config from the calculator (print it out/send screenshot to your phone) into the asus bios, as the calculator/bios don't line by line match, you get used to it once you have found the lines.