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Overclocking problem?

Level 7
Within the last year I purchased a g30/ab. In the last few months every time I turned the computer on it took several attempts (2-10) It would come up with a message saying overclocking failed. I go into bios then exit and it would work. Today it took me roughly 300 attempts (3 and a half hours worth) to finally get the computer to a point where everything would turn on and I had the option to run bios. The computer and everything works fine but the screen mouse and keyboard wouldn't turn on . Is there anything I can do to fix this, preferably without me turning the computer off. Im scared if I turn it off again that it will never go.
specs are gtx 760 (192 bit) I7-4770k cpu @ 3.5ghz 16g ram

Level 7
Well this has been a most helpful waste of time

Level 14
Have you tried the basics?

  • ensure the main battery actually holds charge, or keep it plugged into an AC power source
  • clean/blowout any dust which may have accumulated, especially around keyboard and exhaust ports
  • reseat all the DIMMs, drives, and other user-accessible cables/connectors which might be loose and wiggly
  • update your BIOS
  • replace the motherboard CR2032 battery
  • if system is stable enough - run diagnostic software/tests, to identify if some critical component is failing

Any chance the unit suffered a drop, crush, or spill?
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