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Overclocking i9-10900K with Maximus XII Apex (Z490)

Level 7

Hello, I want to overclock my 10900K as much as possible within Intel's guidelines, without exceeding 5.2-5.3GHz (I don't need more anyway). I want the processor to ramp up speed when needed but not strain unnecessarily when high speed is not required. In older ASUS motherboards and other Intel processors, I managed this along with undervolting, but now I'm trying on the Z490 and I'm not getting it right, often resulting in blue screens. The prediction for my 10900K is 122. I will provide photos of my BIOS settings later. My cooling system is Arctic's Liquid Freezer II 280 A-RGB, and the thermal paste is Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut. Also, unfortunately, I live on the southernmost island of Europe, and the temperatures in the summer are quite high, and the room heats up a lot if I use the computer for a long time (there is no air conditioning, only fans), so I definitely think I will need undervolting.