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Overclocking help: Strix Z690-G Gaming Wifi , i5-12600K, Adata 32GB DDR5 5200

Level 7
the custom built PC that I recently bought was configured to OC the memory with XMP 1.
I say "was" because after many, many BSOD I've come to the conclusion that XMP might be the culprit.
I've disabled XMP, now, and the PC seems at least to be more stable (I'm crossing my fingers and touching wood).
Many passes of memtest86 did not signal a single error, but with Windows 11 the system was unstable to say the least (it even crashed while sitting idle on the logon screen)
The RAM is in the QVL list of the MB, all drivers are updated and BIOS version is 811.
Has any one experience with this RAM and/or MB ? Should I try different OC parameters than those defined by the XMP ?
Should I upgrade to the last BIOS version available (1003) ?
Thank you for any help.