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Overclocking Guide

Level 10
Here you can find some overclocking guides to help you out on how to overclock your hardware. Most of those guides have been made by extreme overclockers.



Rampage VI series - X299
1. Rampage VI Apex Overclocking guide by ROG R&D Team in English
2. ROG Rampage VI Apex main OC thread with guide, BIOS and tools by elmor in English
3. DDR4 Overclocking guide for X299 by Rauf in Swedish (use google translate)
4. Ultimate X299 Rampage VI Apex Overclocking guide with ln2 tips and tweak for both KabyX and SkyX in ...

Maximus IX Series - Z270
1. Kabylake Complete Overclocking Guide in English by Raja
2. Maximus IX Series BIOS and tools for Overclocking in English by elmor
3. Overview of the Maximus IX Apex main features in English and German by der8auer
4. BIOS overview and quick overclocking tips on Maximus IX Apex in English and German by der8auer
5. XOC Voltages Explained - 7 GHz LN2 Overclocking by Gamer Nexus with Der8auer
6. Overclocking guide for Maximus IX Apex in Swedish by Rauf

Rampage V Edition 10 - X99 refresh

1. OC Pack, tools, BIOS and tips in English by Elmor
2. Basic overclocking guide, BIOS in English by der8auer
3. Complete Overclocking guide for Broadwell-E in English by Raja

Other Languages (use google translate)
1. Rampage V Edition 10 introduction, BIOS introduction, overclocking test with i7-6950X in Czech by Fl...

Maximus VIII Series - Z170

1.OC guide for Maximus VIII series: BIOS, tools, Dram, CPU and LN2 OC in English by TL
2. Guide For Skylake motherboards - Memory testing on Maximus VIII Impact and Gene in English by Alex@ro
3. Power Consumption guide on skylake motherboards in English by der8auer
4. Video - Overclocking guide i5-6600K and i7-6700K in English by der8auer
5. Overclocking guide i7-6700K in English by Chino
6. Non-K ASUS Z170 BIOS in English by Elmor
7. Ultimate B Die Tweaking on Maximus VIII Series motherboard in English by Xtreme_Addict

Rampage V Extreme

1. R5E Overview, Unboxing, BIOS + drivers, Setting stock benchmarks, Settings memory with Hyper X Preda... - Czech version available here
2. Overclocking guide and basis of the 5960 X in English by Raja
3. DDR4 Set-up guide on Rampage V Extreme in English by Chino
4. Extreme overclocking - BIOS & OC Tooles, Features, BCLK and memory overclocking, tips, OC guide, OC ...

5. Install X-socket II on the Rampage V Extreme in English by ROG
6. Overclocking Guide with 5820K in video in English by LinusTechTips
7. Detail Overclocking Tips in English by Raja

Other languages (you can use google translate to read those)
1. Video - How to insulate MB for Extreme overclocking in Portuguese by Rbuass
2. BIOS & OC Tools for Rampage V Extreme in Chinese by Chi-Kui Lam
3. Complete overclocking guide on i7-5960X in Czech by Flank3r

Maximus VII

1. BIOS & Drivers for all Maximus VII in English by TL
2. Complete overclocking Guide for Maximus VII Gene in English by der8auer
3. Complete overclocking Guide for Maximus VII Formula in English by der8auer
4. OC Guide for Maximus VII Ranger by der8auer

Maximus VII Impact

1. How to insulate Maximus VII Impact for Extreme overclocking in English by Xtreme_Addict
2. Video - Discover the BIOS and OC tools for the Maximus VII Impact in English by Uncle_Fester

Other languages
1. Overview of the Maximus VII Impact, BIOS and drivers, Overclocking Guide for MB VGA and memory, pict...


Crosshair VI
1. Must read - In depth information for overclocking with Ryzen in English by The Stilt
2. Extreme overclocking guide for Crosshair VI Hero in English by elmor forum thread here
3. Overclock R7 1800X with G.skill Trident X in English by Skatterbencher
4. VRM Analysis on the Crosshair VI Hero in English by Buildzoid
5. Overclocking with Crosshair VI Hero and G.skill Flare X in French by Wizerty

Crossblade Ranger
1. Overview of the Crossblade Ranger motherboard in English by Flank3r

Crosshair V Formula-Z
1. Full overview and overclocking guide in English by Flank3r
2. Benchmarks test and scores with AMD Vishira FX in English by Flank3r

Graphic cards

Nvidia GPU

Strix GTX 1080 Ti
1. Extreme Overclocking Guide for Strix GTX 1080 Ti in English by Xtreme_Addict

Strix GTX 1080
1. Review and benchmarks on Strix GTX1080 in English by Chino
2. How to overclock the Strix GTX1080 in English by Chino

Strix GTX 1070
1. Overclocking Guide of Strix 1070: The first steps to a performance increase in English by Nate152

Strix GTX 1060
1. Overclock Strix GTX1060 to 2200MHz in English by der8auer - Also available in German

Matrix GTX 980 Ti
1. Extreme overclocking - overview of the card, preparation for ln2 and tips for extreme overclocking i...

Other languages
1. Review de la Matrix GTX980Ti et conseils pour overclocker en stock - Part1 et Part2 en francais par Wizerty

Matrix GTX 980
1. Extreme overclocking - overview of Matrix card, preparation for ln2, behaviour, ln2 software and ln2...
2. Unboxing, first test on air cooling in English by Flank3r
3. Unboxing of the Matrix GTX 980 card in English by Toolius

Other languages
1. Unboxing and overclocking test on air in Czech by Flank3r
2. Overview / overclocking / and game test in French by Wizerty

Strix GTX 980
1. Strix GTX 980 Overview, Gaming test, OC test, GPU Tweak in English by Chino
2. Extreme overclocking - Overclocking guide, BIOS & drivers, VGA tips and tweaks in English by Shamino...

Other languages
1. Overview of the Strix GTX 980, OC results on air and ln2 in French by Wizerty
2. Unboxing and overview of the Strix GTX 980, GPU Tweak and benchmarks results in Greek by Mortisboy

Matrix GTX 780 Ti DCII
1. Extreme Overclocking - Bios & Drivers, Overclocking guide, tweaks and tips in English by slamms
2. Beginner overclocking guide for Kepler and MaxwellGPU in English by Flank3r Czech version available


Strix R9 390X
1.OC guide - benchmarks and gaming tests in English by Flank3r


X299 DDR4 memory
1. DDR4 Overclocking guide for X299 by Rauf in Swedish (use google translate)

Skylake DDR4 memory
1.How to tune DDR4 memory RLT/IO on skylake in English by Alex@Ro

X99 DDR4 memory
1.Memory overclocking guide with RTL, IOL values, bin memories and timing / frequency combinaison in E...

Thermal Paste
1. Thermal Paste on skylake in English by Dancop
2.Thermal Paste Roundup 2015 – 47 products tested with air-cooling and liquid nitrogen (LN2) in Englis...

Delid Tool

1. Presentation and how to use Delid-Die-Mate in English by der8auer
2. Guide d'utilisation du Delid-Die-Mate in French by Wizerty
3. Broadwell-E Delid-Die-Mate Tool in English by der8auer Also in in German by der8auer

OC Panel
1. Guide on how to update your OC Panel I and II in English by Chino
And don't forget, Keep pushing it !


Any overclocking guide for a 1070ti or can i juse the guide for 1070 card?

Fog79 wrote:

Any overclocking guide for a 1070ti or can i juse the guide for 1070 card?

Just use msi afterburner, set power limit to 100, core clock will up to it's workable speed doub't that it have a good oc potential on core, but you can easily up memory clock to +300, play safe to +200, that's how i do it on 1080. there're nothing special about it, then go to fan control and set up curve to a comfortable speeds\temp, i made it so fans won't turn up until 45C and my babe don't hurt itself to 75C full force, haven't seen her going above 68C at 2012 core and 5300 mem. hah no rgb control tho in af

Level 8
you can try these settings
also you might need to increase vcore a bit 🙂
for fast stability and temperature testing i recommend y-cruncher benchmark with most available memory (settings 0, 1, 8 or 7 depending on how much memory do you have)

hi people need you help please this is my pc asus prime h310m-d r.2 phoenix gtx 1050 ti 4g i7-8700 16g ram how overclock my nvidia gpu tweak always in 7% oc scanner are failed,help me please

Level 8
Dear ROG community Mates,

My name is Ivan, or You can call me simple - Johnnie. I`m very big fan of Asus ROG from Estonia. On 03.03.2019 i updated my PC.

CPU: Intel® Core™ i9-9980XE
Motherboard: Asus ROG Rampage VI Extreme Omega
GPU: Asus ROG Poseidon 1080Ti (Will be upgraded for Asus ROG Matrix 2080Ti Sli, when it will become available in Estonia)
RAM: 4 x G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4 4600 MHz 2x8GB (F4-4600C18D-16G)
Cooler: ROG Ryujin 360
Storage: Samsung SSD 970 PRO NVMe M.2 PCIe
PSU: Corsair AX1500i
PC Case: be quiet! Dark Base 700

My results are very poor with stock configuration: - Time Spy Extreme - Time Spy

My PC purpose is only for gaming. I`m really need good advice from professionals, how to OC my rig for daily gaming. I don`t want to break records, but i want to get from my rig as much as it possible, but its need to be very stable and not over-stressed. Mates, please help me (PM).

Level 8
Dear Mates,

Can someone please help me with basics? 😞 Yesterday i tried XMP... Even with 3500MHz for RAM, PC doesn`t boot at all 😞

Best regards,

Level 7
New guide for the AMD 2200G also will be helpful for the 2400G covers overclocking the CPU and Vega GPU. Only had an X370 Strix so somewhat overkill for that CPU series but works none the less. Also added FAQ for Intel overclocking with some common questions in one place to clarify settings.


Intel Overclocking FAQ:

Level 13
Nice to put them all in one place for reference. Should definitely Nix the idea of the unlimited posts requesting OC help

Level 7
Hi all need some assistance please i have already posted a question about this but maybe not in the corect place so i will ask again here where it seems more apropriate
Got a i9 9900k and a maximus GENE Xi that will arive soon will i have thermall throtling with this CPU - Mobo combination runing at 5Ghz non stop with a kraken 62 ?
Thank you !!!