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Overclocking 8700k on z370 E gaming

Level 7
I am just looking for a stable 4.8ghz at the lowest voltage I can do.

I am currently at 4.8ghz with the following settings

AI Tuner - Manual
DRAM - 2666MHz
Sync All cores: 48
LLC - level 6
AC LL - .01
DC LL - .01
Bclk Adaptive Voltage - Disabled
CPU Core/Cache Manual - 1.30
VCCIO - 1.15
System Agent - 1.15

I just ran realbench for 30min stress test, passed. Avg 84 degrees(at 100% CPU usage for 30mins)
But according to HWinfo I was sitting at 1.33 volts for most of the test.

Any advice on how to lower my voltage and keep the clock? I tried at 1.29 and got a BSOD, but I can't remember if I had LLC to level 6 at the time. Any reason why my voltage would be .03 higher than I set it to?

Cheers, thanks for your help.