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Overclocking 1800x on the C6H . Experiences?

Level 7
Hi all. I'm relatively new to overclocking, most of my experience is on older Intel systems. I'm now on AMD platform and trying to overclock it to 3.9-4.0 and keep good temps.
I'm now on 3.9 on 1.35 volts and I get between 72-82 during a full on stress test with AVX enabled. I have the Noctua U12S cooler but going on water this week to lower temps. The only thing I've done in the UEFI/BIOS is to raise the clock rate and vcore and put LLC on level 3. Are there any other tricks on this board I could use?
Anyone here who has OCed their 1800x on this board and if so what's your result?