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overclock ram on asus z690 hero

Level 7

hello everyone i have asus z690 hero bios 2802 cpu 14900k sp 102 p113 e80 mc84 and i have g skil 2x32gb cl32 6400mhz kit

when i try to overclock the memory to 6600mhz or 6800mhz every time i get memtest erorr my system post with 7000mhz and 7200mhz 

but not stable and get errors does the problem with the bord or the cpu or mybe the memory kit?

does i need to raise value in the bios to get stable?

thanks for the help


Super Moderator

Hi @tomerturbo,

That's a bit of a loaded question. As the memory kit has only been validated by the memory vender to work at 6400MT with the voltage and timings designated, the short answer is you'll just have to see what's possible.

If not experienced with memory overclocking, exceeding the memory vendor profiles can be a frustrating exercise. It's important to understand the distinction that your 6400MT memory kit is already considered an overclock as this exceeds JEDEC specification. Anything with an XMP profile is considered an OC.

The following voltages are still the best way of tuning memory on the platform. Please note that  increasing voltage may not be the answer which is why we say "tune" and not simply increase. Too much voltage can be detrimental to stability just as much as too little.

Extreme Tweaker > CPU System Agent
Extreme Tweaker > Advanced Memory Voltages > Memory Controller Voltage
Extreme Tweaker > Advanced Memory Voltages > IVR Transmitter VDDQ

You will likely also have to tune the DIMM voltages VDDQ and VDD, as well as relax some of the memory timings where necessary. 

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

i try  increase sa to 1.15v  what is the safe voltage for 24\7

my IVR Transmitter VDDQ is 1.25v what is the safe for 24\7

and the safe voltage for VDDQ and VDD?

thnaks for the help

my Memory Controller Voltage(imc) is 1.3v what is the safe for 24\7